2023 Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll Photo Tour

One of our favorite, free Disney World Christmas activities is the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll. This Christmas scavenger hunt showcases nineteen fabulous Christmas trees throughout Disney Springs shopping areas.

What Is The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll?

Mr and Mrs Potato Head peek out from the branches of a Toy Story themed Christmas tree on the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll

Previously known as the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail, this event used to have all the Christmas trees in one area.

Now the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll sprinkles Disney themed trees throughout all of Disney Springs neighborhoods. This means everyone shopping can enjoy some Disney-themed trees even if they are not doing the scavenger hunt.

For the 2023 Christmas season find nineteen Disney inspired Christmas trees along the Christmas Tree Stroll. Several favorites have returned this year, but are joined by some cute new trees including some that interact with MagicBand+.

When Is Disney Spring’s Christmas Tree Stroll?

The 2023 Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll begins November 10, 2023 and ends December 30, 2023. This is a few days shorter than what we saw last year.

Where Do I Get A Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll Map

Map of the 2023 Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll locations with colorful stickers representing each tree.

At Disney Springs go to one of five stores to get a complimentary Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll map. The map has stylized markings showing where each of the nineteen trees are and a set of stickers, one for each tree theme. 

2023 Christmas Tree Stroll Maps are available at these five Disney Springs locations:

  • City Works Eatery & Pour House
  • Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers
  • Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company
  • The LEGO Store
  • Planet Hollywood

I grabbed a map at Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers and began my stroll while I waited for my Santa virtual queue group.

What Is The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll Prize?

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll 2023 prize large metal pin held in front of a Christmas tree

Document each of the Christmas Tree Stroll trees on the map with the corresponding sticker. Once done, stop back at any of the shops above which also act as redemption centers for your prize.

The 2023 Christmas Tree Stroll prize is a large metal button plus a set of discounts for several Disney Springs retailers. Check the map for a complete list of all twenty-seven discounts and special offers.

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll Trees With Pictures

We always loved the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail with its elaborately decorated trees full of special details. This year we feel the Christmas Tree Stroll has some beautiful, detailed trees, but others lack the same embellishments we’ve come to expect.

There are six Disney Springs Christmas Stroll Trees that interact with MagicBand+ this year. To activate the experience make a small circular motion near the tree and watch your band for a colorful surprise.

This was a cute new detail, but did not have a huge “wow” factor. Try your MagicBand+ at The Nightmare Before Christmas, Encanto, Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Town Center, and Wish trees.

This year the informational signs in front of the tree shows the theme and which sticker to use on the map. Some of the trees, like Town Center and Once Upon a Toy tree stickers, are easily confused for one another.

Sign for Once Upon a Toy tree with a red arrow pointing to the correct sticker for the tree on the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll map

Once Upon a Toy Tree

Once Upon a Toy Christmas tree strung with toys, colorful baubles, and gifts surrounding the base

Across from Once Upon A Toy, this is one of two Disney Springs trees not tied to a specific Disney theme. Reindeer ornaments made of giant peanuts in the shell, stuffed gingerbread men, and shiny colorful ornaments are adorable.

Giant presents ring the base, while an oversized garland of bright beads, colorful buttons, and empty wooden spools winds around the tree. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas (MagicBand+ Interactive Tree)

Zero, Jack and Sally, and more characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas are lovingly included in this intricately designed Christmas tree

Lots of love and details make The Nightmare Before Christmas our favorite themed tree again this year. Zero floats around the top of the tree circling his doghouse while a silhouette of Jack and Sally is centered on the tree. 

Look for fun decorations like the flying vampire toy that scared children and the giant black and orange snake who ate several presents. The Nightmare Before Christmas is also one of the new MagicBand+ interactive trees.


Bright yellow and orange marigolds, Miguel's guitar, and a family offrenda make the Coco tree one of the most charming and detailed on the Disney Springs Christmas Tress Stroll

The Coco tree is still one of my favorites on the 2023 Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll. Covered in gorgeous orange marigolds, meant to represent the marigold bridge, the tree is immediately identifiable and striking even from a distance.

Guitars, calaveras, and an ofrenda with Miguel’s family are all special details that make this tree stand out on the stroll.

Mickey and Minnie (MagicBand+ Interactive Tree)

Bright red, gold, and red and white ornaments capture the joyful color palatte of Mickey and Minnie

Find a giant red and white polka dot bow with long trailing ribbons topping this Mickey and Minnie inspired tree. Lots of gold Mickey shaped ornaments plus red bows with yellow buttons leave no doubt who inspired this adorable tree.

Frozen (MagicBand+ Interactive Tree)

Frozen inspired tree with sparkling icicles and even some carrots

The Frozen-inspired tree feels uninspired to me. Lots of silver and blue accents, but very little that seems special to the movies.

Look for sparkling, icy snowflake ornaments, ribbons that mimic Elsa’s dress, and ice skates representing the fateful night Elsa struck Anna with her powers.

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion tree features many spooky elements from the ride including a large Constance in her wedding gown

Constance Hatchaway is immediately recognizable when approaching the Haunted Mansion tree. Dark leather bound books, dried flowers, and muted, spooky colors make this tree frightfully divine during the holiday season.

Encanto (MagicBand+ Interactive Tree)

The Encanto tree has something representing every member of the family from flowers to animals and magic doors

The whole family Madrigal is represented in this gorgeous Christmas tree. Look for details like magical doors, animals, flowers, butterflies and more.

This vibrant tree is extremely pretty and the decor represents Encanto well.


A garland of shiny ornaments in shades of blue ring the Disney Plus tree

The Disney+ tree is wrapped in a garland of shiny, blue-hued baubles in the service’s signature color. Small ornaments highlight images from holiday favorite movies currently streaming, like Home Alone, on Disney+.

Toy Story

Colorful construction paper style garland and several Toy Story characters make this tree extra special

A brightly colored construction paper ring garland gives a playful feel to the Toy Story tree. Look for green alien ball ornaments and toys representing Toy Story characters on this joyfully decorated tree.


Find Moana's boat, Hei Hei and more on this tree inspired by the movie

This Moana inspired tree is one of the best decorated trees on the Christmas Tree Stroll.

Bright blue tulle represents water with Moana’s ship floating above. Tropical flowers trail down the tree and character ornaments complete the look.

Look closely to find Hei Hei strutting with a coconut on his head near the top of the tree to the left side of Moana’s boat.

Disney Springs Town Center (MagicBand+ Interactive Tree)

Rustic, earthy decor is a unique change to this normally sparkling tree at Disney Springs

The Town Center tree is one of the most popular photo spots on the stroll. Guests arriving via Disney World bus transportation encounter this massive tree first and it’s quite the welcome into Disney Springs.

This year’s tree has more muted colors and less sparkly baubles than last year’s design. However, we really enjoyed the unique hen and chick succulent inspired decor with rhinestones perfectly melding with some of the more natural elements on this year’s tree.

A close up of sparkling Town Center tree decor which looks like hen and chick succulents

Disney Vacation Club

Each Disney Vacation Club property is represented on the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll tree with a special nod to the newly announced Fort Wilderness Cabins remodel

The overall design of the Disney Vacation Club tree features red poinsettias and large, aqua blue icons representing DVC locations. While visually pleasing it isn’t a very interesting tree except for one easily missed feature.

A model of the newly announced Fort Wilderness cabins adorns the side of the tree. Look for the gray sided building, rich wood deck, and cute details like a grill and outdoor dining table.

A close up of new Fort Wilderness Cabin design on the DVC tree

Guardians of the Galaxy

Find baby Groot, Star Lord's helmet, and cassette tapes galore on the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas tree

Star-Lord’s helmet replaces a traditional star on The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas tree. Cassette tapes are mixed in with other ornaments and alien technology, too.

An adorable detail on this tree is Baby Groot dancing in his sparkling white planter with fresh growth tendrils on his head. Look closely on the right side of the tree to find him.

Baby Groot dances in a sparkling white planter on The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas tree

Wish (MagicBand+ Interactive Tree)

Disney's new movie, Wish, gets it's own tree this year

A tree based on the new Disney animated movie, Wish, joins the 2023 Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll.

Asha’s star sits atop the tree and alchemy type equipment teased in the trailer is interwoven in the design. There are also several hints of lavender which mimic the color of Asha’s dress.

Disney Annual Passholder

A bright yellow star, Disney Passholder ornaments that look like the magnets, and cartoon scenes of families at Disney make this a charming tree

Anyone who has excitedly waited for their Disney World Passholder magnet will immediately recognize the theme of this tree. Iconic passholder magnet ornaments and stylized cartoon “photos” of Disney family vacations are an adorable design for the tree.

Star Wars

Find Clone and First Order masks, a hidden Jawa, and more on this Star Wars Christmas tree

The Star Wars tree features Chewie’s bandolier, several clone and first order helmets, and even an Ewok bow and quiver.

However, we think the best part of this tree are the Jawa inspired ornaments which peer out of the greenery with their signature red eyes.

Princess and the Frog

The Princess and The Frog tree features lots of green, purple, and golds plus instruments and some royal frog decorations

Mardi Gras colors, fleur-de-lis, trumpets, and beads immediately make you think of New Orleans and Tiana. Look closely to find some cute frogs with tiaras sitting on tulle lily pads, too.

Lion King

Natural elements come together beautifully for the Lion King tree

Natural elements like palm fronds and grasses bring an authentic beauty to the Lion King tree.  Wooden ornaments, paw prints, and woven designs create one of the most stunning trees on this year’s trail.

Disney Treasure

Somehow I didn’t take a picture of this Disney Cruise Line topiary. It isn’t a tree, but instead a large topiary which looks like a Disney Cruise Line ship with the Disney Treasure logo beneath.

Final Thoughts on the 2023 Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll

The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll remains a fun, free Disney World holiday activity we enjoy doing each year. Disney Springs holiday activities are perfect for a rest day before Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or Jollywood Nights.

Use our Disney World Christmas activity guide for your Disney World holiday trip. It covers holiday information for all four theme parks, resorts, and Disney Springs to make planning easy.

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