2022 Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine at Epcot Festival of the Arts

Epcot Festival of the Arts has a delightfully diverse collection of food booths with dozens of delicious options. The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine is designed as a culinary scavenger hunt with a tasty treat for your prize.

How Do I Complete The 2022 Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine?

Full Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine menu plus stamp locations.

First, grab a festival passport. These are available near Epcot park maps or a few other locations within Epcot.

Then purchase five specially designated foods at Epcot Festival of the Arts. At each register have the cast member stamp your festival passport for the special item.

Once you’ve found, and eaten, all the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine dishes, bring your stamped festival passport to the final location.

Deconstructed Key Lime Pie ($4.75)

Deconstructed key lime pie from Deconstructed Dish

Location: The Deconstructed Dish near Port of Entry

Beautifully plated, the Deconstructed Key Lime Pie was my favorite sweet item on the walk. A deliciously tart key lime curd paired well with the lighter key lime mousse.

Meringue cookies were visually pleasing, plus a light and tasty addition to the plate. Although the graham cracker cake had an okay flavor, the texture was dense and unappealing.

Blood Orange-braised Beet Carpaccio ($5.50)

Blood orange- braised beet carpaccio from Gourmet Landscapes

Location: Gourmet Landscapes in Canada

After being forced to try pickled beets as a child I was less than excited for this particular dish. However, I did find the Blood Orange-braised Beet Carpaccio a big step up from Grandma’s pickled beets.

The braised and golden beets were both tender and had a lighter flavor than I expected. The pickled clamshell mushrooms had an almost overpowering pickle flavor while the mustard vinaigrette brought balance to the dish.

Although I’m not a huge fan of beets, I am glad I gave this carpaccio a try. It was better than I expected, but I still didn’t finish my entire portion. Just don’t tell my mom I threw away some of my veggies.

House-made Chorizo and Potato Empanada ($6.50)

Delicious and filling potato and chorizo empanada at Encanto Cocina

Location: Vibrante & Vivido: Encanto Cocina between Morocco and France

Encanto Cocina’s chorizo and potato empanada is the best value on the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine. A flaky, buttery crust envelopes diced potatoes and a rich chorizo. Topped with a drizzle of turmeric aioli and annatto aioli this generously sized empanada is extremely filling.

We like medium to highly spicy food and found the heat level comfortable. Those who usually avoid heat might be testing their spice limits. 

Pan-seared Scallops ($7.00)

Pan-seared scallops from The Artist's Table

Location: The Artist’s Table in The American Adventure

Two buttery pan-seared scallops topped with lime foam are nestled on this gorgeous plate of butternut squash puree, brown butter cauliflower puree, and decorative “sand”.

The scallops were delicious and cooked well, but I thought the lime foam was too bitter with the scallops. I ended up scraping off some and found the dish much more balanced.

Vanilla Donut ($5.50)

Vanilla Donut with strawberry ice cream from Donut Box

Location: The Donut Box near Test Track

Gorgeously presented, the Vanilla Donut is served with strawberry sugar, strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries, and a strawberry gelée.

The strawberry ice cream was smooth, flavorful and paired deliciously with the crunchy crumble. However, the vanilla glaze was overly sweet while the donut was chewy. The donut wasn’t a raised donut, but didn’t seem like a cake donut either. 

The strawberry ice cream with crumble saved this from being my least favorite dish on the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine.

What Is The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Prize?

Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine cookie and smoothie treat for completing the walk

After completing your culinary scavenger hunt head to Deco Delights near Port of Entry. Show your stamped passport to receive your prize, a small mixed berry smoothie and packaged painter’s palette frosted sugar cookie.

Although the cup is colorful and eye-catching, it isn’t glass. Instead the cup is a thin plastic, not meant for reuse. I still rinsed mine out and brought it home, but unfortunately it won’t be much use. 

How Much Does The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Cost?

Each individual item on the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine is $7 or less. The grand total for all five items on the walk comes in a bit under $30.

Is The 2022 Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Worth It?

The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine was something I wanted to try at this year’s Epcot Festival of the Arts. It pushed me to sample items I might not normally pick, plus I got a small bonus snack. For these reasons I enjoyed the experience. 

On the flip side, I ended up waiting in long lines for some of the food since many others were trying to complete the walk, too.  For example, it was over an hour wait for the scallops which wasn’t a great use of my limited festival time.

On my next visit I’ll skip The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine. Instead I’ll head back to Vibrante & Vivido: Encanto Cocina for that delicious empanada before cherry picking the items I really want instead of the walk.

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The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine is a culinary scavenger hunt at Epcot Festival of the Arts complete with a tasty prize.