Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt 2022: Epcot Festival of the Arts

Figment is an adorable fan favorite Disney character who has long been associated with Epcot. During Epcot Festival of the Arts, see Figment in a new light with Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger hunt. 

What Is Figment’s Brush With The Masters Scavenger Hunt?

Figment's Brush with the Masters map with stickers

Explore Epcot’s World Showcase while searching for Figment’s Brush With The Masters paintings. Find Figment added to ten gorgeous paintings hidden throughout World Showcase countries. 

Sometimes Figment is the main star of the painting (for example he’s replaced Mona Lisa with new flair). Other times he’s more subtly included in the art.

Buy a special map to complete Figment’s Brush With The Masters Scavenger Hunt. As you find each painting add the correct sticker to the matching country frame on the front. 

Epcot hosts various scavenger hunts throughout the year, and each one is unique. This means even if you’ve previously done Spike’s Pollen-Nation Scavenger Hunt or Hide and Squeak with Remy, Figment’s Brush With The Masters is a completely different experience.

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Where Do I Buy A Figment’s Brush With The Masters Map?

There are two locations to buy Figment’s Brush With The Masters maps. The first is at Disney Traders at the entrance of World Showcase between Mexico and Cananda.

Guests entering Epcot from the International Gateway entrance should buy a map at World Traveler. This gift shop is found on the way into the park before reaching United Kingdom or France.

How Much Does Figment’s Brush With The Masters Cost?

The scavenger hunt map costs $9.99 plus tax.

What Do I Look For During Figment’s Brush With The Masters?

Figment poses dramatically in a portrait for Figment's Brush with the Masters scavenger hunt

Look for Figment in a painting with a gilded frame for Figment’s Brush With The Masters. These ornate frames even have Figment’s head incorporated on the center bottom to easily identify them. Paintings are inside or outside, and several are tricky to find. 

Where Can I Find Figment’s Brush With The Masters Paintings In Each Country?

This section contains exact loctions for Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt. Skip this section if you want to find paintings on your own. Or use indivual country notes if you get stumped.


Painting tucked around the corner from La Cava Del Tequila

Head into the Mexico Pavilion, and pretend you’re going for a tasty margarita at La Cava del Tequila. Just to the left side of La Cava find Figment’s painting tucked into a small hallway. If you reach San Angel Inn Restaurant you’ve gone too far.


Enter The Fjording to find Norway's Figment's Brush with the Masters painting

Those who still miss Maelstrom in Norway will be happy to visit the giant wooden troll while searching for Figment. Enter The Fjording and look up high on your left to find this tricky painting.


Figment painting tucked in the back of China pavilion

You’ll get a chance to see much of the China Pavilion on your quest to find Figment. Walk all the way back and keep your eyes open on the right side of the walkway just before entering the gift shop.


Steinhaus houses Figment's portrait in Germany

Inside Stein Haus it’s hard to miss a large portrait of Figment on a blank white wall near the register. 


Figment replaces Mona Lisa with surprising flair in the Italy pavilion

Inside the Italy pavilion look towards the right side of the entrance near the Kidcot Fun Spot. Tucked in among the ornate Venetian masks admire Mona Figment. 

The American Adventure

Figment's Brush with the Masters American Adventure location is tricky to find between Regal Eagle and the theater

This is one of the most difficult Figment paintings to find in the scavenger hunt. To the left of The American Adventure entrance multipane windows are partially obscured by trash cans. 

Look closely and you’ll spot Figment and George Washington inside the windows between Regal Eagle Smokehouse and The American Adventure.


Stairs lead up to Teppan Edo with Figment hidden on the underside of the staircase

Japan also has a tough to find Figment painting. I wandered through the Koi pond area and all the shops before finally getting a hint. Tucked under the stairs to Teppan Edo Figment is catching a wave.


Colorful abstract painting above a mirror in Morocco

Colorful decor covers the walls inside the Morocco pavilion center seating area. Just above a mirror find a brightly patterned painting in Figment’s colors of purple, lavender, and yellow. He’s not in this one, but is represented by the color scheme. 


Find Figment near delicious macarons in France pavilion

Pretend to go into, or better yet, enter Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie for some tasty treats. On your way out of the building look to the left of the doors. Figment’s painting is along the wall behind the gift shop register.

United Kingdom

My favorite Figment portrait hidden in a United Kingdom display near the back of the pavilion

Walk past The Tea Caddy towards the back windows near the garden area, Here you’ll find my favorite Figment portrait included in a random window display.


Look for Figment at the exit of Canada Far and Wide

If you watch Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360, Figment is easy to spot along the left wall just as you exit the theater. Prefer to skip the movie? Take the the right hand walking path towards the Kidcot Fun Spot and it’s easy to find Figment.

2022 Figment’s Brush With The Masters Prize

Paint your own figurine prize for Figment's Brush with the Masters

After completing your map, or at least giving it a try, return to either Disney Traders or World Traveler to claim your prize. The 2022 Figment’s Brush With The Masters prize is a cute paint your own Disney character figurine. 

Choose from Mickey, Minnie, Figment, or Daisy for your kit. Once you’re home continue the fun by painting your Disney figure with the included paint set.

Final Thoughts on Figment’s Brush With The Masters Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for something different to do during Epcot Festival of the Arts this scavenger hunt is a fun add-on with a cute prize.

Figment’s Brush With The Masters paintings are hidden in shops, display windows, and secret nooks and crannies of World Showcase. This gives you the chance to explore places you never knew existed.

Even though it was more difficult than other scavenger hunts I really love how Figment is incorporated into the art. Some were so silly I couldn’t help but laugh. Hopefully our Figment’s Brush With The Master’s Scavenger Hunt tips keep you searching for one of my favorite Disney characters without getting frustrated.

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