Disney Park Bag Essentials Packing List and Free Printable

What Is A Disney Park Bag?

My family tells me I use too much Disney jargon, so I want to make sure I am explaining myself well. A park bag is a day bag where you carry all the items you need, or might need, during long days at the parks.

Some people pack enough stuff that they could survive in the jungle for a week, but I don’t want to carry a huge, cumbersome bag all day. I prefer to carry a moderate amount of stuff, and if I have to cave and buy something at the park I will.

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What Should I Pack In My Disney Park Bag?

What you carry in your park bag will vary by the members of your group and how old they are. Subscribe to my email list for a printable version of my park bag packing list and my Disney World planning timeline . You’ll get a download link as soon as your subscription is confirmed.

Over time we’ve tried several different backpacks, but this inexpensive packable backpack from Amazon is now my go to Disney park bag when traveling with my family. When I’m at the parks for solo trips I am able to pack essential items in a fanny pack Lululemon bag.

Are you looking for a full Disney World packing checklist or even how to pack light for Disney World? I can help with that, too.

Everyone Should Pack These Essential Items In Their Disney Park Bag

MagicBand+ or Magic Bands

Our free, printable Disney Park Bag packing list makes packing all the essentials for a Disney theme park day easy!

MagicBand+ links park tickets, Genie+, and a credit card to a watch-like wearable. Simply tap MagicBand plus on the tapstile to enter the parks, access Genie+ Lightning Lanes, or easily buy items on the go.

Have an older Magic Band? It’ll still work, but doesn’t have the interactive features of MagicBand+.

Screenshot of pre-order MagicBand+ options and pricing

On-site Disney World guests can order discounted MagicBand+ and get them shipped home before the trip. Otherwise buy MagicBand Plus after arriving at Disney World or Disneyland and link to your account.

Want to save money and skip buying MagicBands? Opt for e-tickets and link them to your My Disney Experience App. Then simply use your phone for entering the theme parks or Genie+ Lightning Lanes.


Packing the right Disney Park bag essentials makes for a smooth day at the theme parks. Find out exactly what to pack in your Disney Park Bag. #disneyworld #disneyland #disney #disneypacking #parkbag

You’ll always find sunscreen in my Disney park bag. It’s easy to think applying sunscreen once before leaving your hotel room is enough for the day, but leaves you woefully unprotected in the unforgiving sun.

When I’m packing for Disney in a carry-on only I often bring Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Stick (Affiliate Link: Buy on Amazon). This sunscreen is effective and only about the size of a deodorant. And since it is a solid it also doesn’t count toward TSA liquid restrictions.

If I’ve got room to spare, or someone in my group doesn’t like the greasier feel of the Neutrogena stick, I pack SuperGoop Play. This one works well, feels less heavy, but comes with a much higher price tag (Affiliate Link: Buy on Amazon).

Disney Character Autograph Supplies

White pillowcase with colorful Disney character autographs

Disney character meals and meet and greets are some of our favorite activities at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Although a Disney autograph book is a popular option we stopped using them several years ago.

We’ve replaced autograph books with Disney character autograph pillowcases and DIY ornaments. These are lighter, get more use in our home, and are a great reminder of fun Disney memories.

Refillable Water Bottle

Packing an insulated water bottle for each of us was much easier when we had a stroller to hold the heavy containers. However, on super hot days we still pack refillable water bottles because a cold sip of water in the middle of a hot and busy day is delightful.

You can also request free ice water at the parks, but many people don’t like the taste of Disney World tap water.


Both Disney World and Disneyland are sunny places where you spend lots of time outside. Remember to pack a pair of cute and comfortable sunglasses.

Don’t leave your sunglasses at home or you’ll have the unpleasant experience of buying expensive and ill-fitting ones at Disney gift shops. My $40 Mickey balloon sunnies still haunt me each time I see them.

Matador Blanket

Packing the right Disney Park bag essentials makes for a smooth day at the theme parks. Find out exactly what to pack in your Disney Park Bag. #disneyworld #disneyland #disney #disneypacking #parkbag

A Matador blanket is a super-thin, foldable blanket (affiliate link: buy the newer version of mine on Amazon). This blanket keeps your seat dry(ish) if it has recently rained or helps protect viewing spots for a parade.

A Costume And Custom Minnie Ears

Or if your child is already wearing a costume, some room to put it in the bag later when they suddenly hate wearing said costume.

Safely store gorgeous custom ears in your Disney park bag while riding certain attractions. Over the years we’ve had several sets of ears snagged by the velcro of attraction storage pockets or otherwise damaged.

Light Layer

As evening approaches or when you go into a restaurant you may find yourself or a member of your group is a little chilly.

Poncho, Raincoat, Or Umbrella

Because, well, Florida. If you are visiting Disneyland, it is less essential, but I still usually toss one poncho in the bag for each of us.

I buy our ponchos in bulk from Amazon because they are inexpensive and individually wrapped. Here are the adult size ponchos (affiliate link: Buy on Amazon) and the kid size versions (affiliate link: Buy on Amazon).

Umbrellas are also great option at Disney World and Disneyland. They are perfect for brief showers, light rain, or to provide shade on a sunny day.

Bug Repellent

Disney does a great job of spraying for mosquitoes. However, there have been times at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and the Epcot area resorts where I’ve gotten some mosquito bites.

I recently found these easy-to-pack repellent wipes (affiliate link: buy it on Amazon) and bring them on every trip.

Small First Aid Kit

Although there are first aid stations in each Disney World and Disneyland theme park they can seem far away when small issues arise.

We always keep a couple doses of pain relievers like adult and children’s ibuprofen and acetaminophen in a small first aid kit. An assortment of bandages is also great for miscellaneous boo-boos and blisters.

Lastly, I put a little bit of over the counter anti-itch hydrocortisone cream into a contact lens case in case we get bug bites or a minor allergic reaction.

Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Packing the right Disney Park bag essentials makes for a smooth day at the theme parks. Find out exactly what to pack in your Disney Park Bag. #disneyworld #disneyland #disney #disneypacking #parkbag

I like having hand sanitizer and Wet Ones in my park bag. Hand sanitizer is better for getting rid of germs, but sometimes you just want to wipe the yuck off of your hands, too.

Here’s a link to the individually wrapped Wet Ones I always pack (affiliate link: buy it on Amazon).

Clorox Wipes

Packing the right Disney Park bag essentials makes for a smooth day at the theme parks. Find out exactly what to pack in your Disney Park Bag. #disneyworld #disneyland #disney #disneypacking #parkbag

Clorox wipes are nice to have in case you need to wipe down a table to eat at a quick service restaurant, a high chair for a younger child, or other high touch surfaces.

I began bringing Clorox wipes after Elizabeth got very sick at the end of a trip when she was 4 years old at Disney World. Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and Wet Ones are always on hand in my Disney park bag.

Here’s more information about what to do if you get sick at Disney World.


Sometimes you just need a Kleenex and you don’t want to get out of line to grab tissues.


Disney allows guests to bring their own food into the parks. I only pack a couple of snacks like granola bars, chips, or similar items in my Disney park bag.

Although we don’t always use them they come in handy when waits for food are longer than expected or someone is hungry in line.

Coloring Book And Crayons

Packing the right Disney Park bag essentials makes for a smooth day at the theme parks. Find out exactly what to pack in your Disney Park Bag. #disneyworld #disneyland #disney #disneypacking #parkbag

We have coloring items to pass the time while waiting for a parade or at a restaurant. I usually buy the $1 Grab & Go packs at Target.

Glow Items

Buy packs of bracelets, necklaces, and wands at the dollar store before your Disney vacation which is a lot less expensive than buying items at Disney.

The glow bracelets also double as stroller markers at night (which is way more helpful than I ever imagined).

Maps/Times Guide

These items can be found at the entrance to the park or on the official Disney World and Disneyland phone apps. Sometimes I want to save my battery or just want an old-fashioned map so I always grab a paper one as a backup.

Spare Batteries/Portable Charger

With our cell phones in seemingly constant use at Disney World and Disneyland having a portable charger is now an essential item.

I used the heck out of this Anker charger (affiliate link: buy it on Amazon) and loved it until it died after years of faithful service. I now have a more compact Anker charger (affiliate link: buy it on Amazon) that works great, too.

You can purchase Fuel Rods on-site at Disney World, but we’ve found although a convenient option it isn’t as good as our Anker chargers.

Plastic Bag

A plastic bag, more specifically Ziploc-style bags, are handy to have in your Disney Park bag. Use them to keep a phone dry on water rides or hold random stuff you accumulate at the park.

Additional Items For Those Traveling To Disney With Babies Or Small Children

Packing the right Disney Park bag essentials makes for a smooth day at the theme parks. Find out exactly what to pack in your Disney Park Bag. #disneyworld #disneyland #disney #disneypacking #parkbag

Those traveling with younger children will need to pack some additional items. Find out more about our favorite toddler activities and our best tips for visiting Disney World with a toddler.

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Baby food
  • Bottles and formula
  • Pacifier
  • Sun hat
  • Blanket or snuggle toy – For little ones that actually sleep in a stroller. You lucky ducks.
  • Small toys – To keep them distracted during waits
  • A change of clothes – With little kids sometimes you need an outfit change because of a diaper mess, food or potty accident
  • Gallon Ziploc bag – To safely hold whatever happened to the first outfit
  • Stroller cover – Much like a poncho, but for the stroller. This will save you from having a soaking wet stroller if rain starts when you are waiting for or on a ride. I usually use a cheap clear shower curtain and clothespin-type clips to hold plastic in place.  This trick has saved us a few times.
  • Battery powered fan for stroller (affiliate link:buy it on Amazon)

Final Thoughts On Packing A Disney Park Bag

This has been my park bag packing list for over ten years now and it has worked like a charm on all of our trips. Individual items will vary based on your group, but these essentials have been in my Disney park bag every trip from having a toddler to a teen.

Our free, printable Disney Park Bag packing list makes packing all the essentials for a Disney theme park day easy!

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