Disney World Park Pass Reservation System (2023 and 2024)

Originally designed as a way to control crowd levels after reopening, Disney World park reservations have been a frustrating part of the Disney World planning process. Most guests won’t need them starting January 9, 2024, but for those visiting in 2023 and early 2024 park reservations are still required. Here’s how to make Disney World theme park reservations and who still needs them after January 9, 2024.

Who Needs Disney World Park Reservations In 2024?

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All guests visiting up to January 8, 2024 need park reservations. Starting January 9, 2024, date-based tickets no longer need park reservations for any day the park ticket is valid.

Disney World Annual Passholders, guests with student group tickets, and guests with sport and event tickets still need to make Disney World park reservations for all of 2024.

Check The Disney World Park Pass Availability Calendar

Before booking your Disney World vacation, first check the Disney World park pass availability calendar. There are three different pools of park reservations: Select Resort Hotels, Annual Passes, and Theme Park Ticket guests. Each group has their own park reservation availability.

Picture of Disney World park reservation availability showing green for all days on the calendar.

Those with date-based tickets visiting Disney World January 9, 2024 or later don’t need park reservations.

Choose your group and the calendar indicates green for availability at all four Disney World theme parks, yellow for some park availability, or gray if no parks are available for that date.

The Disney World park reservation system is accepting park reservations through January 2025 for annual passholders, student group tickets, and sport and convention tickets.

Guests need a Disney World My Experience account plus a valid park ticket or annual pass linked to a Disney World resort stay to make park pass reservations. Link your Disney World park tickets and resort stay to your My Disney Experience account before trying to make a reservation.

How Do I Make A Disney World Park Pass Reservation?

Screenshot of Disney World app showing option of making a theme park reservation or checking the calendar for availability

Access the Disney Park Pass Reservation System from the My Disney Experience drop down menu or directly through this page. Choose either All Guests or Hotel Guest with Annual Pass.

Screenshot of park reservation for all guests or annual passholders

Making Disney World Park Reservations For All Guests

If you are a hotel guest, choose “Book a Park Reservation” and then check the box next to your hotel reservation information. Click continue, pick your planning party, and find your preferred park date to see which parks have availability. Finalize your Disney World park reservation and confirm.

Visiting Disney World while staying off-site? Pick “Book a Park Reservation” and follow the same process, except the hotel step. Choose your party and theme park before finalizing your park reservation.

If your tickets, resort stay, and planning party are linked properly in My Disney Experience the Disney World park reservation system is easy to use.

How Do I Make A Disney World Park Annual Pass Reservation?

If staying on-site, tap “Book Park Reservation For Hotel Guest With Annual Pass”. If your visit is not linked to a Disney World resort stay, choose “Book Park Reservation”.

Then follow the same flow choosing which hotel stay and guest or which annual passholder is using the reservation. Choose the theme park and confirm. A confirmation page with a reservation number appears and an email is sent, too.

Can I Cancel A Disney World Park Pass Reservation?

Yes, access your Park Pass reservations through “My Plans” on the My Disney Experience app or website. If you click “view details” on the reservation there is an option to modify or cancel your reservation.

We’ve had mixed success with the “modify park reservation” option. Sometimes it is available and other times the only option is to cancel.

If changing a park reservation requires cancelling the one you currently hold, I recommend first confirming availability at another park before cancelling a current park reservation.

Our Experience Using The Disney World Park Pass Reservation System

The first day the system went live in 2020 it took us two hours and two devices to make our park reservations. Now that the system has been in place for over three years making Disney World Park pass reservations is extremely simple.

Disney World Annual Passholders are able to book 3 to 5 Disney World park reservations without a resort stay. The number of available park reservations is based on Annual Pass type. Passholders staying on-site can book park reservations equal to the length of their Disney World resort stay plus 3 to 5 days.

Disney Resort Guests can book Disney World park reservations equal to the number of days they have a valid theme park ticket during their stay.

Guests with day tickets, but who are not staying on-site, can make reservations equal to the number of days of valid theme park admission.

Final Thoughts On The Disney World Park Pass Reservation System

Although the Disney World park reservation system ends for many guests January 9, 2024, it is here to stay for Annual Passholders, student group tickets, and sport and event tickets.

Despite some initial difficulties, the park pass reservation system is now easy to use after setting up a My Disney experience profile. Although the Disney World park reservation system takes away some flexibility, the return of park hopping helps with this limitation.

Need help planning your Disney World vacation? Check out our planning timeline for every step of planning a great Disney World trip.

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