Park Bag: 19 Things Everyone Should Bring For A Day At Disney

First things first – what is a park bag?

My family tells me I use too much Disney jargon, so I want to make sure I am explaining myself well. A park bag is a bag (I use a backpack) where you carry all the items you need or might need during a day at the parks. Some people pack enough stuff that they could survive in the jungle for a week, but I don’t want to carry such a huge cumbersome bag all day. I prefer to carry a moderate amount of stuff and if I have to cave and buy something at the park I will. 

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What you carry in your park bag will vary by the members of your group and how old they are. If you would like a printable version of my park bag packing list and my Disney World planning timeline subscribe and the links will be sent to you once the subscription is confirmed. Are you looking for a full Disney World packing checklist? I have that, too.

For everyone:

  • Magic Bands or Park tickets

Magic bands with bow accessories

  • Sunscreen – I usually buy the Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Stick because it works well for us and is super compact (about the size of a deodorant). Affiliate Link: Buy on Amazon


  • Thermos – I bring an insulated thermos water bottle for each of us.  It is amazing to have a cold sip of water in the middle of a hot and busy day. You can also request free ice water at the parks.
  • Matador blanket – A super thin foldable blanket (affiliate link:buy the newer version of mine on Amazon) that can help keep your seat dry if it has recently been raining or mark a viewing spot for a parade. 
  • A costume and custom ears – Or if your child is already wearing the costume, some room to put it in bag later when s/he suddenly hates wearing said costume.
  • Light layer – As evening approaches or when you go into a restaurant you may find yourself or a member of your group is a little chilly.
  • Poncho or rain coat – Because, well, Florida. If going to Disneyland it is less essential, just check weather reports to be safe.
  • Bug repellant – Just in case. I always bring some since I am first to be attacked, but have yet to use it at any Disney park.
  • Autograph book and click Sharpie – I prefer the click Sharpie (affiliate link:buy it on Amazon) to regular ones since I don’t have to worry about losing the lid. It seems easier for the characters like Mickey, too. Here’s a link to the beautiful custom autograph books we always order.

Autograph books

  • Band-aids – Great for miscellaneous boo-boos and blisters.

  • Wet Ones wipes – Hand sanitizer is usually fine, but sometimes you just want to wipe the yuck off of your hands, too. So to save space I just bring the wipes.

Wet ones

  • Clorox wipes – Nice to have in case you need to wipe down a table to eat at a quick service restaurant. Also, I am a germ freak. Especially after Elizabeth got very sick at the end of a trip when she was 4 years old at Disney World. Can’t be too safe!

Clorox wipes

  • Kleenex 

  • Snacks – I don’t usually pack anything for the adults in the group, but make sure I pack allergy-safe snacks for Elizabeth. You are free to pack whatever snacks your crew would want.

  • Coloring book and crayons – We have coloring items to kill time while waiting for a parade or at a restaurant. I usually buy the $1 Grab & Go packs at Target.


  • Glow items – I usually buy packs of bracelets, necklaces and wands at the dollar store. The bracelets double as a stroller marker at night (which is way more helpful than I ever imagined).

  • Maps/Times Guide – These items can be found at the entrance to the park or on the official Disney World and Disneyland phone apps. Sometimes I want to save my battery or just want an old-fashioned map so I always grab a paper one as a back-up.

  • Spare batteries/portable charger – I have used the heck out of this Anker charger (affiliate link: buy it on Amazon) and still love it.

  • Ziploc bag – To keep phone dry on water rides.

For those traveling with babies or other small children:

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Baby food
  • Bottles and formula
  • Pacifier
  • Sun hat
  • Blanket or snuggle toy – For little ones that actually sleep in a stroller. You lucky ducks.
  • Small toys – To keep them distracted during waits
  • A change of clothes – Because with little kids sometimes you need an outfit change because of a diaper mess, food or potty accident
  • Gallon Ziploc bag – To safely hold whatever happened to the first outfit
  • Stroller cover – Much like a poncho, but for the stroller. This will save you from having a soaking wet stroller if rain starts when you are waiting for or on a ride. I usually use a cheap clear shower curtain and clothespin-type clips to hold plastic in place.  This trick has saved us a few times.
  • Battery powered fan for stroller (affiliate link:buy it on Amazon)

Stroller picture

This has been my park bag packing list for several years now and (knock on wood) it has worked like a charm on our trips.

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  1. Add a little dish detergent in a tiny bottle — if you have little ones you can wash out a sip cup, pacifier, or baby bottle…

  2. We also brought in flavor packets for our water bottles. Disney’s water tastes gross. The flavor packets helped mask the taste.

    1. Thank you! The backpack pictured in the article is my North Face Women’s Borealis. I alternate between that one and my North Face Women’s Isabella backpack.

    1. We walk an average of 6 to 9 miles a day when we are at Disney World. I brought a stroller for my daughter until she was 7 years old. It is quite common for kids that don’t normally use a stroller to need one at the parks because there is so much walking per day.

        1. Hi Carinna. We are able to see a lot of characters and ride many attractions through careful use of FastPasses, monitoring wait times using the My Disney Experience app (for Disney World) or the Disneyland app (for California), and good luck.

          I bring my own sunscreen to the park so I am not sure where to get the ultra-high SPF you asked about in another comment.

          Have fun planning your trip!

    1. Yes, at Disney you can bring your bag on the rides with you. Usually they can be placed at your feet within the ride vehicle.

  3. Great bag info! I can add 3 things from our times at Disneyland and World… if you don’t have a thermos and bring water bottles instead don’t pitch them when they’re empty since you can go into any cafeteria style restaurant and get water from the soda dispensers without paying to eat there. Also, if you lose a small item on a ride: sun glasses, visors, lenses caps, etc. don’t give up thinking they wouldn’t have found yours yet. Go to lost and found anyway since they have many boxes of those small items left by others days or weeks before. You might fine an item just like yours. Last, I often bring a change of shoes. It makes the later walking a little easier when I really need it.

  4. I bring a small plastic tube (from drink pellets like Nuun) filled with quarters and pennies for the penny press machines. I let each kid decorate their tube with stickers and washi.

  5. Great ideas, we pack pbj sandwiches to help with lunch hungers. Also as for big repellent that’s not necessary. The parks have certain plants and other measures to reduce that issue. Also we take in large camel packs to help with drinks with water additives for flavor.

    1. So we are allowed to take snacks and bottles of water into the parks? I read on line that we couldn’t so that would be great if we actually can!! We are going in July

      1. Hi Shonda,

        No glass containers or rolling coolers, but other than that I have never seen security give people a hard time about snacks or drinks.

        Hope this helps!

      2. Hi Shonda,

        We’ve have a cloudwalker camelbak that we’ve used as our Disney bag for 3 years now. Security has never given us a hard time ever.

  6. I usually separate my kids food in large baggies and throw away containers. So when I need it I pull it out , when I’m done I throw it all in the trash. So your not carrying around dirty stuff.

  7. Baby powder!! We just got back from Disney about week ago and it was so hot! My sons legs got chaffed from rubbing, he was so uncomfortable and skipped out on a couple rides because of that. Needless to say we had baby powder everyday after! And he was much happier after that!

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