Chef Mickey’s Character Meal Review

Chef Mickey’s is a Disney World character meal classic with almost everyone having a strong opinion about the experience. This newly reimagined character meal with family style dining is a surprising improvement over our past visits here.  

Chef Mickey’s Location

Enter the main Disney’s Contemporary Resort lobby and take the escalator or elevators upstairs to Chef Mickey’s. This location is great because you can easily walk to and from Chef Mickey’s to Magic Kingdom.

Chef Mickey’s Overview

Donald Duck in a chef's coat, apron, and toque holds up his pointer finger reminding us that Donald Duck is #1

Food Options

Chef Mickey’s is open for both breakfast and dinner daily. Based on our previous meals I wasn’t expecting a delicious meal, but was there mostly for the character experience. However, after reopening the quality of food is much better.

Food is now served family style instead of the previous buffet and I love this change. You’re less likely to miss characters with family style plus it provides a less chaotic experience than buffets.

The breakfast menu has all the usual items like scrambled eggs, Mickey waffles, and fruit. However, they’ve elevated the menu with sweet rolls, breakfast brisket, and loaded potato cheese casserole.

Dinner is a vast improvement over the previous menu. The three course meal offers rolls, several salads, an impressive main course, and dessert. 

A trio of salads start the meal at Chef Mickey's

For the main course bring your appetite as our table was nearly covered in food options. Both the prime rib and turkey are surprisingly flavorful and tender. Plated salmon rounds out the usual main course, however vegetarian guests can request a special tofu bowl.

An impressive family style meal with prime rib, gnocchi, asparagus, and more covers a table at Chef Mickey's

The garlic au gratin potatoes and gnocchi were stars of the sides, but each of the options were quite good.  In fact, we enjoyed our meal so much we didn’t leave tons of room for dessert.

An array of desserts served family style

Despite a full belly I still found a way to gobble up some strawberry cream cake. The chocolate Mickey Mouse dome and chocolate raspberry tart were a hit with the rest of my family, but felt too heavy to me after such a filling meal.

The apple crumble tart was just okay and so we focused our attention on the other tastier dessert options.

Chef Mickey’s Characters

Chef Mickey in his crisp white chef's coat, toque, and checkered apron greets guests at this Disney World character meal

Find the traditional Fab 5 characters at Chef Mickey’s. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto all roam the restaurant during your meal in cute chef inspired outfits with each one unique to the character.

Minnie Mouse poses in her adorable chef inspired outfit

Normal Disney World character dining interactions returned April 18, 2022, but I was pleasantly surprised how much fun we had with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto even during distanced character meals. I imagine the return to regular character interactions will make Chef Mickey’s an even better experience.

Chef Mickey's sign with woman holding Chef Mickey autograph card souvenir provided as part of the meal

Each of the characters “stopped by” twice during our meal which took a little over 90 minutes. They waved, danced, and posed well for our pictures.

The characters did a great job of interacting with each table regardless of guest age which was a nice treat. At the end of the meal our server brought special autograph cards for a cute souvenir.

Chef Mickey’s Cost

As of October 2021, breakfast is $42 per adult which is anyone 10 years and up, while kids 3 to 9 years old cost $27 per child. Dinner is more expensive with adults $55 per person and $36 for kids. 

Chef Mickey’s vs Topolino’s Terrace Character Meal Comparison

These two Disney World character meals are both extremely popular. Although these meals have similar characters, people often wonder if Chef Mickey or Topolino’s Terrace is better. I’ll do a quick comparison to help you choose which is the best Disney World character meal for you.


For ambiance the clear winner is Topolino’s Terrace. Topolino’s is located on the 10th floor of Disney’s Riviera Resort with huge windows, tons of light, and sweeping views of the gorgeous property.

Chef Mickey’s is darker with several different rooms of tables and uninspired decor. Some areas have views of the monorail coming through the Contemporary lobby, but most are tucked away with no views.


Topolino’s Terrace has Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Donald each in an adorable art themed costume. Chef Mickey’s has Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto traditionally known as the “Fab 5”. 

Although Chef Mickey’s has more characters, the costumes are much cuter at Topolino’s. I’m going to call this a draw and let you decide which set of characters you’d rather see.


Topolino’s Terrace only serves a character breakfast while Chef Mickey’s has breakfast and dinner. The breakfast at Topolino’s was extremely good, much better than previous character meal breakfasts.

We had Chef Mickey’s for dinner so it isn’t an exact comparison, but dinner was actually delicious. I think Topolino’s breakfast is probably a little better than Chef Mickey’s new menu, but Chef Mickey also has dinner which is convenient. Food is a draw as both character meals have vastly improved the quality of meals.


Topolino’s Terrace is at Disney’s Riviera Resort which is located near Caribbean Beach Resort, but not close to anything else. Chef Mickey’s is in Disney’s Contemporary Resort which is walking distance to Magic Kingdom.

Unless you are staying at Riviera or Caribbean Beach getting to and from Topolino’s Terrace is inconvenient. For this reason, Chef Mickey’s has the superior location. 

Character Interaction

Our character experience at Chef Mickey’s was much better despite a worse table location than Topolino’s Terrace. We felt the characters at Chef Mickey’s did a great job of interacting with us and all the tables near us.

At Topolino’s Terrace the characters interacted well with some tables while seeming to ignore other tables almost completely. For this reason Chef Mickey’s gets our vote for better character interactions.

Final Thoughts on Chef Mickey’s Character Meal

Girl in sequin ears looks across Chef Mickey's at Pluto waving to another table

I have always loved character meals, and we were extremely happy with both the food and character interactions. Even my tween daughter had a great time and kept saying she was glad we did this character meal. The location, new menu, and return to up close character interactions means Chef Mickey’s is a fun time for the whole family.

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Trying to find a good Disney World character meal? Chef Mickey's has a great location, good food, and lots of fun character interaction.