Biltmore Falconry Review: A Unique Biltmore Activity

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina has many special on-site experiences. When looking through the options before our trip, the Biltmore Falconry experience was one of the most unique activity choices available. I was nervous about interacting with birds of prey, but Elizabeth did a great job of convincing me to try something new. Our Biltmore Falconry review will help you understand more about the experience and tips I wish I had known before our trip.

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Our Biltmore Falconry review has an overview of our Biltmore Falconry experience plus tips and things I wish I had known before we went.

The Biltmore Falconry experience takes place on a small hill near the Inn on Biltmore Estate. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to meet the falconers inside the lobby at The Inn. It was very easy to spot our falconer, Jeff, since he entered the lobby with a Peregrine falcon on his arm. 

After introducing themselves, our falconers guided us out of The Inn and up a hill across the street. The path was steep, but only about a quarter of a mile (400 m) long. The hawks are kept at the top of the hill in a shaded, wooded area.

Biltmore Falconry Review

Our Biltmore Falconry review has an overview of our Biltmore Falconry experience plus tips and things I wish I had known before we went.

Falconry is the ancient art of using birds of prey to hunt, dating from 2000 BC. Before interacting with the birds, we learned about falconry and how the birds are trained. Our falconer focused on the Harris Hawk and Peregrine Falcon, since those are the types of birds that are part of the Biltmore Falconry experience.

After learning some basic concepts, our falconer explained how to interact with the birds, the types of gloves used to handle them, and how to make your hand a comfortable spot for the birds to rest. Then it was time for each of us to hold a Harris Hawk and get used to the feeling.

After each person in the group was comfortable interacting with the hawk, we were ready for the free flying experience. Free flying means the bird is completely free and can fly to where it likes.

Our hawk was content to stay near our initial spot on the hill. When it came time for me to hold a bit of meat and have the hawk fly to me, I was extremely nervous. However, the bird was so fast and landed so gracefully on my arm I barely had time to worry.

Each person in our group had a couple of chances to have the Harris Hawk fly to them. After the Harris Hawk interactions it was time to admire the Peregrine Falcon. Pisgah, the Peregrine Falcon, demonstrated some incredible high flying skills. He was coaxed to dive with a special device that piques his interest while flying above. The speed and grace of Pisgah was truly stunning.

Things To Know Before You Go For Biltmore Falconry

Book Early

Biltmore Falconry is one of the most popular activities on Biltmore Estate, but is limited to a very small group. There were six in our group, and most of the group booked several months in advance of their Biltmore trip. I was very lucky to get the last spots for Biltmore Falconry about one month in advance.

Biltmore Falconry Required Attire

Wear comfortable, closed toe walking shoes to make the trek up the hill. We were advised to wear natural color clothes, nothing brightly colored or patterned. Bright colors can sometimes interfere with the hawk’s interaction with a guest.

Bring Your Camera

Our Biltmore Falconry review has an overview of our Biltmore Falconry experience plus tips and things I wish I had known before we went.

The falconers were amazing at giving advice on getting an incredible video of the Biltmore falconry experience. In my case, the assistant falconer even took pictures and video of me when I held the hawk and the hawk flew to me. Biltmore Falconry is one of the most incredible activities I have done on a trip. I’m very grateful to have great pictures and video to remember it.

Wear Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

Some of the Biltmore Falconry experience takes place in a shaded, wooded area, but there can be quite a bit of time in direct sunlight depending where the hawk chooses to free fly. Not surprisingly the wooded area had some insects, and I was glad we were wearing repellent. These are the Off insect repellent wipes I always pack (affiliate link: buy it on Amazon).

You Need A Paid Admission To The Estate

To access the falconry experience you must have a paid admission for the day to Biltmore Estate. If you are an on-site guest of the Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate or The Inn, you have daily admission to the estate (not the house) included in your stay.

Final Thoughts On Our Biltmore Falconry Review

The Biltmore Falconry experience is one of the most unique activities I have had on a vacation, and I was extremely impressed with our experience. I know I wasn’t alone, since our entire group discussed how Biltmore Falconry was such an incredible experience. Although I was nervous I am grateful Elizabeth talked me into this memorable Biltmore Falconry experience.

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Our Biltmore Falconry review has an overview of our Biltmore Falconry experience plus tips and things I wish I had known before we went.


  1. Hello, we will be staying at the Biltmore from December 15th through the 20th, 2019. Will there be any falconry sessions going on during this time from? Please advise what days and time if there will be any sessions. We are looking forward to this Activity! Thank you very much, Bonnie

    1. Hi Bonnie!

      The falconry experience takes place Thursdays & Saturdays 9 a.m., 12 p.m, 2:30 p.m. so it looks like December 19th is the only date that would work for your trip. I would highly recommend you call and reserve a spot immediately as there are only 3 sessions each day and a small number of participants per session. It was an amazing experience and I hope you have a great visit to the Biltmore!


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