Disney After Hours  Boo Bash Tips

Guests with a Boo Bash ticket can enter at 7pm even though the party starts at 9pm or 9:30pm

Arrive Early For Boo Bash

Use Overlap Time For Shopping & Dining

The hours when Magic Kingdom days guests are still there and Boo Bash ones are entering is often the busiest time of the day,

Do Disney After Hours Boo Bash Magic Shots 

Fun Halloween themed photo ops begin at official Boo Bash start time. Make sure to get a couple unique pictures to remember the event!

Don't Wait For Character Cavalcades

Cavalcades are short and not a great use of Boo Bash event time. See them while moving from ride to ride.

Focus On Rides During Boo Bash

Ride wait times are super short (ranging on avg from walk-on to 20 minutes). Short ride wait times are the best part of Boo Bash.

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